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Energy policy is personal,

What is CEE?

Citizens for Energy Equity is an organization standing up for affordable energy and against the unreasonable dialogue surrounding energy policy that could hurt Virginians. Families and small-business owners in the Commonwealth need common sense commitments from their elected representatives that increase access to affordable and reliable energy.

America leads the world in energy production and development. However harmful and out of touch policies are blocking local communities from access to these affordable and reliable energy sources.

•   Almost a third of US households report struggling with energy related costs.

•   Millions of households each year have to forgo necessities like food or medicine to pay their electric bill.

•   Low-income households are the most vulnerable to experiencing these difficult situations and choices. 


Our mission is to reach and educate communities to promote reasonable energy policy that helps Virginians access low-cost and reliable energy.

Together, Citizens for Energy Equity will fight to:

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